Saturday, July 10, 2010

LongHorn Steak House in Mansfield MA

Today we went out to lunch with my mom and grandmother.

I asked the waitress if she could check on the glaze in the Citrus Grilled Chicken.
She brought the manager over and he asked if he could help, he personally went back and checked for me. ( great service)
He came back and said that it did have cornstarch, and modified food starch. So I told him, well cornstarch is fine, the modified food starch, by FDA standards, "food starch" HAS to be corn, UNLESS that pesky word "modified"  is tagged on the beginning, then it can be anything.

So anyway, I ordered and asked that the chicken and mashed potatoes be on separate plates.
They came out, the chicken was on one plate with the orange slices in their own little bowl, and the citrus butter in its own bowl, and my mashed potatoes on their own seperate plate. They were great, lets hope all Longhorns are equal in service.

The Manager even thanked me for the info on modified food starch and said that he will write a note so that he can pass on the info!

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  1. Hi! Read that you just received your Divvies Bakery Cookbook. Thank you so much! Please note on pages 59 and 116 it should say TEAspoons of baking powder instead of baking soda. Also, I would love for you to participate in the Navigating Food Allergies series on the Recipe Swap on May 10th. It would be a wonderful forum for sharing your gorgeous photos and recipes and promote Gluten-Free World! All the best to you, Lori Sandler