Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Chicken Fingers with Fried Rice


A few restaurants out there now have gluten free menus.
My parents took T and Z out to eat tonight, and apparently Z actually asked for the gluten free menu!
Unfortunately, I got a phone call, practically in tears proclaiming the only thing on the kids menu he could have was the hot dog and he really didn't want a hot dog, he wanted mac & cheese, ( and spaghetti and meatballs, which i do make at home, GF, but at a restaurant that isn't going to be the case)

I really wish that they offered kids something more then steak, bunless burgers, and grilled chicken. Maybe get some Ian's nuggets or something. I let him get the mac and cheese, as he isn't *officially* diagnosed, and he asked for a GF menu all by himself and generally knows to ask what he can eat. Poor kid, I have a hard enough time eating at a restaurant, imagine being 5 and not being able to have nuggets, or pasta, or possibly even fries for fear of the chicken and fries sharing oil.

Oh, so I forgot!

We went to Frate's last night, for T's graduation, I called Bliss, to make sure their ice cream is in fact GF, ( well the common sense ones). After I said that I needed him to use a clean scoop that hasn't touched a cone, or for example cookie dough ice cream, he took the scoop out back and sanatized it for us, right there.

As far as Bliss goes, all of their "main" flavors are gluten free but they are processed on the same belts as non-gluten free products. For example, mint chocolate chip, the chips are gluten free, from a dedicated facility, but grasshopper which contains oreos is also made on the same belt. They always make the Choc Chip first and wash the system down, but can't guarantee that it won't cause a reaction.


Okay, so I am not going to post my dessert recipes here, just in case I decide that I want to convince my sister in law to do her cake buisness and offer gluten free treats too.
But I will post dinner recipes and ideas.

These are my gluten free chinese chicken fingers straight out of oil.

I made a wet batter using my flour mix, buttermilk powder, xanthan gum, baking powder, salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder. Combined with  one egg, a few drops of seasame oil, about two Tbsp of veg. oil,  and  a cup of water. ( I will work out measurements next time I make them)

These are my chocolate, chocolate chip cookies. mmmmm


Okay so the past month or so has been crazy.

Instead of letting gluten kick my butt, I have tried to make the things I love gluten free.

 I've made brownies, and cookies, and even chinese food chicken fingers. ( the whole no chinese food thing, ouch)

I will make each recipe its own post so people can find things easily, and also talk about local restaurants and whatnot that either a) are gluten-free friendly, b) are willing to work with you or c) just plain not helpful.

( I also have a 5 yr old who can't have gluten so there will (hopefully) be more kid-friendly recipes too)

my basic flour mix is

2 parts white rice flour
2/3 potato starch
1/3 tapioca starch.

I also occasionally throw in a few other flours depending on what i am making. ( the nuttier tasting flours are great for bread)